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Why Open Spending?

A Whitepaper on Opening up Recovery and Resilience Facility Spending


Published date

23 Feb, 2022

The Recovery and Resilience Facility is the largest contribution to Member States in the history of the European Union. Their aim is to support reforms, infrastructure and the improvement of the quality of life of millions of EU citizens. We all have a responsibility to ensure that it is spent transparently and for its intended purpose. At the same time, the regulations introducing the RRF at EU level have not guaranteed full openness of spending. For this reason the Open Spending EU Coalition has produced Guidance to show Member State governments what detailed information should be published about the spending of these funds. The Guidance can also be used by civil society organisations, journalists, and others who want to persuade their governments to be more transparent about how public money is spent. The Coalition will support such actions and will work towards their implementation. In the publication we also presented recommendations addressed to the European Commission. We believe that the best solution that supports openness of EU funds is centralised and transparent information about them.

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